Friday, 26 June 2015


The Cromar Farming With Nature monitoring and research team are indebted to the MacRobert Trust for much assistance and support throughout this project, and to the farmers on their land who have also helped with our work. The keepering team at Auchnerran have also been enthusiastic supporters and of great help too.

As well as the historical information provided by the MacRobert Trust, we are grateful to the following who have also provided valuable information, historical and current: Ian Francis (RSPB); Alan Crawford (RDI Associates Ltd); Steph Ferguson, Flora Grigor-Taylor and Jamie Urquhart (The River Dee Trust); Prof Steve Redpath, Prof Xavier Lambin, Dr Emma Sheehey and William Morgan (University of Aberdeen).

Many of the above provide continuing support and advice for which we are very grateful. We would also like to say a huge thank you to Dave Butler of Perdix Wildlife Supplies for the provision of equipment to help with our research.

A project of this size would not be possible without the assistance of a large number of contributors (in no particular order):

2015 – Lydia Murphy, Andy Clark, Charlotte Ivison, Kat Fingland, Megan Rowland, Mike Martin, Juliette Dinning, Prof Steve Albon, Dr Nick Picozzi.

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